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Aviator game is
real or fake?
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Aviator game real money

Aviator offers three special betting features: separate bets, auto bets, and auto cash out. Learning how to use these betting options can make a difference.
  • With separate bets, you place multiple bets for the same rounds.
  • You can set several rounds in which your bets will be automatically placed through the auto bet feature.
  • The auto cashout feature allows you to set up the multiplier beforehand. And if the plane does not crash before it hits the mark, the automatic feature cash out on your behalf.
There are several strategies to win in Aviator virtual game as much money as possible. Professional gamblers have already tested them, and they are relevant for different goals.

Small betting strategy

The essence of this strategy is to set up an auto-cash out at low multipliers:
  • wait until the coefficient 1.2-1.03 appears on the screen;
  • then click the "Cash out" button.
But, there are times when the aircraft flies away before the multiplier reaches the level of 1.02-1.03. And then you lose your entire bet, and making up for the loss at low odds will not be so easy, one might even say almost impossible. This scheme is suitable for making money, but the possibility of winning is associated with considerable risks of losing.

Math Strategy

This strategy is considered the most profitable and consists of the following steps:
  • we put 1% of the balance on one game;
  • cash out when the aircraft flies to 1.5;
  • if the Aviator did not reach 1.5, then we bet on the next game by as many percent more to win back the previous minus.

High-risk strategy

A working tactic that allows you to win and win is the "doubling down" strategy. In each round, you need to double the previous bet, but at the same time, the coefficient must be reduced by about x0.2. This method allows you to save money on the balance of an online casino but, at the same time, enjoy the game to the fullest.